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This is the page that should explain what it is we are going to be doing here on this site. is all about you being to easily and simply sharing your business ads on this site.
There are lots of places to share ads, or content or pictures, or blog posts.  Maybe you just want to share a video or something like that so that you can have more people watch your video? Maybe that sounds like a fun idea to you. Maybe it doesn’t… I don’t know.

The fact is if you got this far and are actually reading this page, then you might be a genius, or you might actually be looking for a place to share your ads. Either way, it’s a great place to be.

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I have about 170 words left to write, so I think that I am going to blog a little bit about the TV show that I am watching right now… Sherlock. There are lots of great shows out there and I happen to be a big fan of shows with characters that talk in British accents. Sherlock is pretty cool… although I don’t really see how this is a detective show. It’s a bit more of a drama than a mystery, whodunit kinda show.

The characters are good. The guy that actually plays Sherlock is pretty convincing.  I think it’s pretty cool that Sherlock is a bit of a drug addict and obviously needs some rehab. Watson has his ups and downs for sure… from being a single man to a married man to a bachelor again. No matter what, he is a loyal sidekick to Mr Holmes.  There are some seriously ugly people who TV in Britain.

Sherlock is a bit of a genius, and him being able to deduct certain things is pretty genius.


ANYWAY – If you are looking for a way to save money and share your business advertising, then look no further. is great for sharing ads and growing you audience.